BATEL your tropical orchard by the ocean  ecolodge


Nature at Batel is very diverse and all around. Several types of environment you encounter within a quarter of a mile: the ocean with it's white sandy beach, the Coruripe-river-estuary and a mangrove-system. On Batel you can taste fruits of many tropical-fruittrees, like mango, coconut and cashew.



BATEL is a small business in Barreiras, at the coast in the tropical north-east of Brazil. In the south of Alagoas-state Batel is a welcoming and comfortable spot for travellers and tourists looking for privacy and tranquility in a natural environment. Many villagers consider their fishermensettlement as a reflection of paradise!.

Michel en Giselda, the Dutch and Brazilian managing owners of Batel, are prepared and willing to serve you a taste of paradise. First, they designed and constructed spacious suites and a restaurant, leaving the magnificent orchard almost untouched.  The tropical trees and plants produce ingredients for your breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. The nature around also provides delicious raw and fine material as fish and shelled creatures. Guests complain that they eat to much: Batel just tries to serve healthy and tastfull food! 

The nights provide an extended sleep conducted by a smooth ocean-breeze.

The nature at walking distance is lush and diverse: endless beaches shoring the Atlantic, the estuary of the Coruripe-river, the shallows, the mangrove.

One of Brazil it's most beautiful beaches (Dominicus-travelguide) you find here!

Visit  Batel:

Rua do Batel 66, Barreiras de Coruripe, southern shore of Alagoas,

north-eastern region of Brazil

0055-82-3273 6040 or 0055-82-9104 3668

e-mail: pousada_batel

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